Marimba Magic

Marimba (“Voice of Wood”) group classes offer the children a platform where they can experience making music as a group, without any formal music training. Skills that are developed through tuition on these full-sized African marimbas include rhythm and beat, melody sequencing, gross motor coordination, a trained ear, a high level of concentration and emotional involvement and development.

Our groups will be able to perform at eisteddfods or school concerts. Not only will children develop their basic rhythm reading skills, but they will enjoy playing music and experiencing the joy of sharing music with others whilst learning about African Music in a fun and practical way.

Marimbas and Djembes provide every child the opportunity to explore, enrich and start their music journey and making music with others. Whilst djembe drumming focuses on the rhythmical aspect of music, marimbas combine the three key elements of music: rhythm, harmony and melody.