Tereo Community School

The Tereo Community School creates a place of safety for children coming from dysfunctional families.  Some of these children sleep on the street and some are neglected and abused children that are at risk.

Tereo offers these children the love and support they need.  At Tereo they receive education (individualised programmes where needed), daily meals, clothing and much needed emotional support

Tereo participates in our bi-annual Christmas Choir Outreach Programme.  From the 3d term we go to Tereo and teach them the songs, providing them with the opportunity to perform with other schools.  On the day of the performance the children of Tereo gets a food package and they get a chance to interact with other children from different schools.  They perform during the concert by themselves and as part of a mass choir.  Donations received on this evening is given to Tereo for financial assistance.

As Musaic we also provide a termly cultural outreach day to Tereo.  This is one day in a term set apart for cultural enrichment.  We do arts and crafts projects, music projects, library and reading programmes and drama projects.  We endeavour to use people from our community to assist on this day, making this a day of creativity and fun for all the learners of Tereo.

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