Music should be for everyone, but the reality is that this is not the case for a huge section of our community. The Macassar region, which includes the following schools, Macassar Primary, Firgrove Primary and Oklahoma Primary, are schools where learners derives from a high poverty setting and previously disadvantaged background.

The teachers and headmasters of these schools are wonderful people and are welcoming the Musaic team to teach their children. Our main focus will be to establish choirs, marimba bands and drumming circles at these schools. We believe music builds bridges and gives people a sense of pride and dignity.


Individual Tutoring

Group Lessons

Holiday and Team Building Programmes


Teaching music is a passion and we believe that this why we enjoy it so much.

Marisa van Wyk is a highly skilled and passionate individual with over 15 years of experience teaching music in a group and individually.

Ronel Viljoen is an experienced and qualified musician with a passion for the arts and a vibrant personality.